Here's what some of our alumni have to say about Lead Without A Title :

Business Priorities

Solved with the Lead Without A Title™ System For Building Leaders At Every Level Of Your Organization.




  Customer Service

Customer Service

Provides employees the tools they need to become the most productive performers in your industry   Empowers employees to use the Lead Without A Title™ System principles to create WOW! experiences for internal and external clients.


  Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment / Retention

Improves bottom line results by applying the Lead Without A Title™ System principles to your business challenges.   Builds powerful working relationships that generate employee satisfaction and creates brand equity.

Created by globally-respected business and leadership expert Robin Sharma...

The LWT System targets the 3 key concerns that organizations express when seeking performance solutions:

  • Provides long-term opportunities for practice, application and reinforcement, so information is retained and the learning sticks.
  • Ensures the content is engaging and relevant - which maintains learner interest and involvement.
  • Is scalable and can be delivered to a globally distributed workforce, from 50 to 100,000 people.


A blended learning approach combining online pre-work activities, classroom sessions with Certified LWT facilitators...  and post-class online exercises and group coaching calls.


  • Begins 4 weeks prior to start of in-class workshop
  • Introduction video from Robin Sharma explaining the Lead Without A Title™ system
  • Online Leadership Effectiveness Assessment - Part 1 (establishes benchmark)
  • The Leader Who Had No Title (audiobook)
  • Online True Colors® Assessment to determine learning and communications preferences
  • Access to other online material via LWT Learning Management System.



  • 8 monthly (online) Group Coaching calls with your LWT Facilitator
  • Online Leadership Effectiveness Assessment survey to gauge progress
  • 45 weekly Robin Sharma videos from Robin Sharma
  • Access to online social networking portal; to stay connected with other LWT alumni and integrate ideas into daily performance.

Facilitator Led, In-class Sessions

Participants work through the 8 modules of the Lead Without A Title system.

Module 1
Introduction Leadership 2.0. Now YOU Can Lead Without A Title and Become a Game Changer in your Organization.

Module 2

Leading Without A Title by Doing World-Class Work.

Module 3

Unleashing Your Productivity and Getting Big Things Done, In the Age of Dramatic Distractions

Module 4

Building a High-Performing Team of Inspired Superstars and Creating a Victim-Free Culture.

Module 5

Leadership by “Wowing” Customers and the Creation of Fanatical Followers of your Brand.

Module 6

Leveraging Change and Turbulent Times to Dominate your Industry.

Module 7

Self-Mastery and Developing a Winning Mindset.

Module 8

The Ultimate Purpose of Leading Without A Title and Stepping Into Your Leadership Best.

A Message from Robin Sharma

The main aim of my life is to help you, and others just like you, Lead Without A Title and play at your absolute best. So to help you grow even more inspired to work at wow and play at your peak, I put together a VERY special training video (it’s only a few minutes long) that will really move you into action and show you what Leading Without A Title is all about.

I’m asking for your help. I want this video to inspire / uplift many lives. And I want people from every walk of life all over the world to discover that they really can Lead Without A Title!

Whether you are a CEO, a student, a fire fighter or a teacher, you have the opportunity – responsibility – to lead in your work and within your life.